"All the good things we build end up building us."

Jim Rohn


MANCAR is a company managed by Manuel Cardoso since 2019 in Saint-Barthélemy in the French West Indies. Its primary activity is structural work and it intervenes in infrastructure and superstructure. By mastering different construction techniques specific to the Caribbean, MANCAR intervenes for construction projects, extensions, rehabilitation and renovations of various projects.

As it is present in all sectors of the construction industry, MANCAR can also act as a general construction contractor to offer an "All trades" offer while ensuring compliance with the objectives in terms of quality, time and budget. This approach is the assurance for the customer to have a turnkey service and a single point of contact with control over the entire operation.


With its experience, discover the achievements and professionalism of the MANCAR company through its latest achievements and ongoing projects.


MANCAR is committed to its employees. The performance and well-being of our employees are at the heart of our concerns thanks to a deep relationship and a lasting trust.

MANCAR is committed to its customers and guarantees respect for costs, deadlines and an irreproachable quality of execution.

Always ready to take on challenges, our teams are able to bring the most complex projects to fruition.


Each construction site is unique, which is why we intervene during the site preparation period to determine the most suitable construction methods for the project. This phase makes it possible to determine the need for equipment, materials and workforce and to optimize costs, deadlines and quality.

Demolition & Earthworks

Demolition of all types of structures and earthworks are part of the services provided by our company. We have the most effective technical and human resources to provide these services while respecting the environment. The excavated materials are sorted to allow the reuse of good materials in backfill or for their recycling.

Building structure and envelope

Our teams have acquired all the construction methods in terms of structural work. Thus, they will ensure the stability and robustness of your structures, whether in concrete or in wood such as the construction of foundations, load-bearing walls, slabs, roofing, frame etc.

Interior & Exterior Fittings

A well designed and realized interior and exterior design influences our daily life. We are also skilled in the construction of roads, riprap, roadways, fencing, carpentry, painting, floor and wall coverings, etc. Our teams will advise you on the best materials, color trends and the most durable coverings. They will also work to make your desires come true for an exceptional and unique result.

Highways and miscellaneous external works

MANCAR's services include road rehabilitation, street paving, construction of retaining walls, walls and sidewalks, implementation of water, electricity and telecommunications supply networks, and construction of rainwater and wastewater drainage systems.

Project management

The project management mission is to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the plans, materials and regulatory implementation. We take charge of this execution mission by monitoring, directing and controlling the quality of the work, the financial management of works, by assisting the project owner until the reception and lifting of all reservations and by coordinating all stakeholders while ensuring the common interest of the project.


MANCAR is one of the best equipped companies in St. Barthélemy in terms of construction equipment.  Earthmoving, demolition, transport, lifting, levelling machines... but also equipment such as formwork, generators, 3-phase concrete vibrators... or construction tools, cutting tools for all types of materials... are part of our inventory in sufficient quantity to manage many building sites at the same time.


Permanent position.

2 years minimum experience required in the installation of tiles.



Permanent position.

2 years minimum experience in carpentry/woodwork required.


Site manager

Permanent position

2 years minimum experience required as a construction manager.



Permanent position.

2 years minimum experience required in the formwork of concrete structures.


Team leader

Permanent position.

2 years minimum experience required in the supervision of a team of workers on construction sites.


Rebar worker

Permanent position.

2 years minimum experience required in the reinforcement of concrete structures.